RuneGods: Whitepaper Season 1

@rune_gods21 by @21OnChain

RuneGods Collection

The collection consists of 10,004 inscriptions, divided into 25 unique gods. There are 24 Rune Gods, each named after one of the 24 runes from the ancient Futhark rune alphabet. The 25th god, known as the Godfather, stands above all, symbolizing the origin and unity of the entire rune universe.

God Tiers:

Token: Supply and Distribution

The total supply of the $GOD Token is 21 billion, with 50% (10.5 billion) firmly tied to the RuneGods collection. These tokens are evenly distributed among the 25 deities, with a specific allocation based on the hierarchy and significance of each deity, as outlined in the five tiers.

Bound allocation per Inscription:

Diamond-Hands Program:

An additional 5% of the supply is allocated to the Diamond Hands program, which is divided into two tiers
This mechanism is designed to actively reward Diamond Hands. The division into two tiers ensures that Diamond Hands who do not sell their airdrop are rewarded, while also giving those who missed the airdrop an opportunity to gain an advantage. The 2.5% per tier will be distributed evenly across all inscriptions that qualify for it.

PFP Collection

Yes there will be a PFP Collection. 20% of the Token supply will be safed for this. More in Season 2.

Godfathers & Team

The 24 Godfathers will be distributed mostly among OG Ordinal Communities. Every project founder and each verified DAO can apply for a Godfather and distribute up to 1% (210.000.000 Tokens) of the total supply to their own community. To foster a diverse and inclusive ecosystem, while OG Ordinal communities will be given priority in the distribution of Godfather roles, we are also committed to extending a portion of these positions to founders from other blockchain networks. This strategic approach aims to onboard these founders into the Bitcoin ecosystem, broadening the network's reach and fostering cross-chain collaboration. Details will follow soon - interested parties can already contact @rune_gods21 via DM. We say up to 1% because every community got a diffrent size. After giving away the 24 Godfathers all the remaining funds of the 24% Token allocation will be used for marketing and contribution in the $Gods ecosystem. You aren't a founder but want to contribute something to this project? DM us as well.

The remaining 1% are allocated to the project's team.

Season 2 Preview

Final Godfathers distribution, $GOD Token Airdrop/Free Claim, RuneGods PFP Collection and more, date TBA.


All information provided in this Whitepaper is contingent upon the successful launch of the Runes Protocol and may be subject to change in the event of updates or unforeseen circumstances. Should there be any changes, they will be published with a Parent-Child proof under the Whitepaper Inscription. All major announcements will be made on the Bitcoin Blockchain itself. Also the Token name isn't final yet - $GOD is just an example of an possible name. Our only official social media account is @rune_gods21, which will primarily be used to share inscriptions along with further news.